transformative compassionate bodywork

Sacred Body, LLC is a trauma-informed bodywork practice specializing in Nurturing Therapeutic Massage, Fascial Therapy, Oncology Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage            and Intuitive Presence modalities. 


Your body is sacred,

your body is home.



It is our birthright to be present in our own bodies.  I believe it is an honor to touch another human being. I practice respect, compassion and kindness for myself and others.

Sometimes physical or emotional trauma takes us away from the ability to be fully present.  Sometimes the stress of everyday modern living and repetitive motion/postures for our jobs (e.g. sitting at a desk) cause us to be unaware of our body's needs. Bodywork can help you reduce stress and allow you to be more present in your body and attuned to your own needs.  We will work together to create a treatment for you that is compassionate and respectful to what your body needs. Book a treatment at Sacred Body, LLC and arrive home to yourself. 


Cash, check or major credit cards accepted.