Mutual Respect Policies

  • If you are sick or coming down with something please kindly reschedule your appointment at no cost and focus on getting better.
  • If you have had a fever in the last 48 hours it is counterproductive to receive massage, please reschedule your appointment at no cost.
  • If you have a recent acute soft tissue injury (fall, sprain, strain, collision) in the past 72 hours please apply RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and seek medical attention.  Massage is not indicated in the first 72 hours but Manual Lymph Drainage can help reduce edema (swelling) due to acute soft tissue injury. 
  • My home is shared by three cats and a dog; the animals are not allowed in the treatment room.  However, I understand if pet allergies prevent you from working with me.  I am happy to provide referrals to wonderful colleagues.
  • My treatment room and house are green, non-toxic and fragrance free.  This is for personal health and out of respect for our Earth. Please refrain from smoking, wearing any fragrances, perfumes/colognes or wearing clothes washed in strong laundry detergents/fabric softeners or dried with dryer sheets.
  • Except for unforeseen emergencies...cancellations with less than 24-hour notice or no shows will be charged the full session price.
  • Late arrivals will be able to enjoy the remaining time on their session but be charged the full session price.